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From Humble Beginnings in The UK

Inspired by independent work ethics and limitless opportunities, Owain Lewis started his career in real estate over 25 years ago. He is the go-to choice as a trusted advisor for his clients to guide them to buy or sell their residential or commercial property.

Owain started his career by serving in London with his start-up under the name Templeton Flagg. Soon his quality service was noticed and his clientele grew. Their trust in his guidance was a result of being available 24/7 to help them whenever they need. Owain believes that keeping in touch with clients is vital. “A quick call now and then to check how they are doing in life, builds a real and long term relationship and that’s what a good businessman does. It’s not only about business deals and who can invest more, it’s about building, trust, compassion, and having empathy. Trust plays a strong role in building a strong clientele who can be your repeat clients and maybe even good friends forever”, he says.

Bringing A Strong Sense Of Work Ethics To Georgia

With a vast knowledge of wise investments and a sales-oriented persona, Real Estate was naturally a right fit for him. Today apart from being a co-founder of Templeton Flagg in London, Owain is the founder of Yourmove. ge, a Real Estate platform in Tbilisi, Georgia. With specialization in luxury listings, Owain and his team, are ready to extend their experience to Georgia. “We are excited for the future of Yourmove.ge”, says Owain when asked how he feels entering a whole new market, “ My wife joined our team in this new phase and I am thrilled to grow as a family business. With her special nature and confidence, she is a natural”.

So, why did he choose the Georgian real estate market as his next Venture? Owain believes that the process needed to guide when listing a property in Georgia can be improved. To target international audiences and build a global investment market there is a gap that needs to be filled with innovative technology and strategic marketing tools. A supply right from using professional photographers, videography, and staging designer homes, will fill the gap homeowners face while selling their property. He plans to bring in the same format used for luxury listings in the UK to Georgia to draw the attention of millions of people around the world.

A Successful Journey So Far!

Owain has already been lauded for his warm service and professionalism since he started his agency in Georgia just two months ago. With two multimillion-dollar projects in Tbilisi already in progress under the umbrella of Yourmove.ge, Owain has already prepared his roadmap for clients in Georgia right from finances, legalities, mortgage, refurbishment, and much more. This breadth of knowledge will be his strongest asset to his clients to help solve any problem or challenges they face as against the competition agencies.

“Many real estate investors in Georgia struggle with challenges. This is the very reason I decided to get into the Real Estate Market in Georgia. I feel that educating clients with all the factors that will make the transaction easier for them is vital for prospective buyers or sellers too. First-time buyers have a different set of queries as compared to repeat buyers. Where the former needs guidance on how to get started, the latter needs guidance on market fluctuation and economics. Buying or selling should be an enjoyable process, not cause misery”, says Owain Lewis.

Just like 95 percent of business for Templeton Flagg is based on repeat clients or referrals, the team of Yourmove.ge will be dedicated to following the same footsteps by providing clients the highest quality service possible. As a local in the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, for years, they possess the much-needed unbiased, practical knowledge about trends and insight about the real estate market. Where more competitive real estate agencies are focused on making money rather than providing excellent service, Yourmove.ge intends to give full attention to the needs of the clients.

A Promise For Good Quality Of Life

Owain Lewis – Founder and CEO at yourmove.ge

“I am very particular in providing client satisfaction as my core service than anything else. I trust my guidance to be in the best interest of the client. If something goes wrong, I do not want to point at someone else and blame them. Just like I would take appreciation for a job well done, I also take the blame when something doesn’t work properly for my clients. It makes them comfortable to work with me as they know if something goes wrong, they will not run in circles but rather find me standing up and taking charge to solve it for them”.

When asked what he enjoys doing most when he is not working, Owain enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife, daughter, and dog. He says, “ We love hanging out and entertaining friends at our house. A weekend barbeque and a good dose of laughter with loved ones is enough for me to unwind and relax”. He also enjoys helping out at the local dog shelter and supporting them to promote their cause. “ I just love helping everyone. It makes me happy to see that I can help someone out with a problem. Makes them happy too. So, it’s a win-win situation you see”.

When asked if he can imagine himself doing anything else for a living than a real estate agent, “ My satisfaction that comes from helping people make the biggest transaction of their life which is buying a house, just cannot be matched with any other profession. By being a part of this decision of their life, I make solid personal relationships with my client, some which are close friends for more than 10 years now. That for me is a sign of a successful profession. Fortunately, I found that in the real estate industry”.

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