Top 3 Benefits of Buying Property In Georgia

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If you’re looking for a land blessed by the gods, Georgia is the right place for you.

With an incredible Caucasian landscape in conjunction with rich historic and cultural significance, Georgia is a destination for many tourists, travelers, and expats.

Whether you’re moving to Georgia to enjoy life in the capital city of Tbilisi, to experience the wine cradle of Kakheti, or to lead a beach-centric life in Batumi or anywhere in between, you’ve probably considered buying property in this country. Despite the large number of “taken” homes, there’s still plenty of opportunities to snap up a little piece of paradise of your own.

Other than the obvious beautiful charm of Georgia, has put together the top three reasons you need to know for buying a home or land in Georgia.

1) Low Cost Of Living

You will realize every day wherever you live in Georgia, that life is more affordable than in other countries. It ensures that you are not only buying less expensive property than in any other country, but you will also live a more comfortable life than ever before.

Costs within Georgia do differ from place to place, but not by a huge amount. For instance, renting in Tbilisi costs nearly double what it does in Batumi. Your cost base will also depend on how you decide to live. The cost of your grocery shop will depend on whether you’re wedded to your regular diet. Imported items, for instance, are going to cost you a bit extra. However, the local markets provide an array of choices right from cheeses to wines to fruits and vegetables. You may also find that being a carnivore doesn’t cost extra as good meat, particularly pork, can be surprisingly cheap.

Cheaper Real Estate Investment

Georgia is a country where you can buy properties cheaper than most other countries, especially Europe. It ranks high on safety and is a wonderful place to live with stunning views, a rich history, and a rollicking nightlife. The people are incredibly friendly, and there’s always something to do, including touring vineyards and exploring mountains. There are also awesome markets, charming villages, and delicious food to experience.

The best part is that you can have all of this culture for a fraction of the cost that you’ll spend elsewhere in Europe, even if you are looking to live in the city center. You can get an older tiny home for a very economical price. If you want something a little bigger, you can get a three-bedroom apartment too for a good budget. Browse through to take a look at your options. 

There are plenty of nice, three-bedroom houses with a yard for every budget, and if you’re willing to go up, you can get a really nice piece of land wherein you can construct the house of your dreams. You can even buy premium properties that would be considered luxury houses for next to nothing.

3)  All Year Round Tourism

Due to its varied landscapes, Georgia enjoys many different climates according to the region. Each season has its own charm and it’s often pleasant to rediscover various areas of Georgia in the snow, beneath the dazzling summer sun, clad in autumn colors or filled with flowers in spring. Whatever the time of year, there’s always something new for visitors to discover and enjoy.

In 2019, the number of international traveler trips grew by 7.8% YoY from 8.7 mln to 9.4 mln. The number of tourist arrivals increased by 8.3%, constituting 65.7% (5.1 mln) of the total number of international visits, while same-day trips stood at about 34.2%. Georgia’s tourism market is sourced dominantly by neighboring countries (71% of tourist trips in 2019). 

While winter would seem to be the least suitable season for discovering the country, it is actually a nice season to be in Georgia if you’re properly equipped. Some regions benefit from fairly mild temperatures in what is usually thought of as a cold season, and you can enjoy visitor attractions in milder weather. Of course, it’s the best time to enjoy mountain skiing and winter sports. In Goderzi, many resorts welcome skiers looking for thrills. There is quite a lot of snow at high altitudes from December onwards and the season can last until March or April.

In Conclusion

Make the most of your investment in 2021 by investing in real estate in Georgia. There are numerous rental property types from duplexes, multifamily properties to vacation homes available within every budget. Every region of Georgia has its own reasons for strategic investment and you can choose which suits you best. For this reason, choosing is the right choice to guide you through this transaction and market when it comes to real estate investment in Georgia.

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